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Planning the Perfect Baby Shower Games for Your Happy Family

10.11.2012 · Posted in Decorating Ideas


Every parent must be demanded to give all the best things for their lovely baby. To see a happy smile and laugh of the little baby absolutely will bring the priceless happiness to the entire family. There are many ways chosen by the parents to make this rare happy moment. Baby shower is one of the good parents evidences to show their truly love. Baby shower which is one of the social events to celebrate an impending or recent birth is popular around the world. The baby shower has different manners in every region or country, but generally still with the one same purpose; to celebrate the presence of the lovely baby. Among the various baby shower activities, baby shower games are one of the impressive and most memorable moment.

But to make a perfect baby shower games you need to plan it well. It is all intended to make a successful and fun baby shower. It is better if the parent does not underestimate this planning step. However pick the wrong game activities would make many people, especially the invited guests talking about it. Otherwise, if you decided the right games for the baby shower, you are a good parent who bring the sweet moment for your baby. So, simply we can say that planning step is the success determiner of the baby shower. And before starting the games, it is good to go around the room as an ice breaker.

Here are some examples of the baby shower games for your reference ideas. There is “Guess Mom’s Tummy Size” which allows the woman invited to guess the Mother-To-Be’s center pregnant tummy by a string. The game never say “Baby” will be a fun activity where everyone is prohibited to say the word “baby”. Now, it is your time to find the fun baby shower games for your lovely little family.




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