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Holiday Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Christmas

10.03.2011 · Posted in Decor Furniture, Decorating Ideas

Holiday Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Christmas

Let the traditions of holidays in countries such as Denmark, to inspire him Finland, Norway and Sweden this season. Long nights of winter in these countries be increased by the red and white, a tradition of the favorite color in Scandinavian homes. This combination of colors is inspired by red berries, which shows brilliantly against the white landscape with snow covered. In these countries is more important than about decoration. Easy baskets, garlands of candy and popcorn, apples, berries and sugar cookies grace tables and Christmas trees. Ginger biscuits in forms the holiday cut, decorated with white icing and hung on the tree of a beautiful presentation. How visitors are you Les cookies to their pockets as a sign of hospitality of the holiday to fill.

Holiday Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Christmas

Ginger cookies can cut forms the holiday or circles and then with white frosting. Frost takes the form of horses, stars, hearts, Angels etc and place in the round of cookies. Small white icing in the design to end up with then place points. Use a straw to cut a hole in the upper part of the cookie, rather than to do it, a hole for hanging. Use white ribbon tied in bows on the hanger. Garlands of popcorn and swirl around the tree. Use the tree white or red light, to finish the look. Red for the table with foam make plastic cones beautiful centerpieces. Purchase craft and coverage of the cones with fresh blueberries of the peaks of a store of value. Use toothpicks, the plugins to the blueberries. Cones in a drawer and improved with thyme Santo. A white cloth table and form view small gifts in red wrapper included, use the table to. The Red shows beautifully against time table cloth.

Holiday Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Christmas

Popcorn or white presence detection is used, create white garlands. Concatenate wire or FLOSS. The needle diving in hot water, if you use characters, to prevent the presence too sticky. It is a tradition of special holiday of them, that is easy to take, the animals in nature for themselves. This old tradition pays homage to the animals, which were at the birth. Children of the neighborhood are invited to help with the adoption of apples, seeds and grains are excluded from birds and animals. Animals want to stay for Christmas in memory.



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