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How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

When it comes to decorating your home one of the most difficult is the choice of color for the walls . Choose the right color for the walls of your home may seem trivially easy, but actually requires some attention.

The color of the walls is very important fact: not only can help to illuminate a dark environment, but also to visually enlarge a small space or make a large room more intimate. The color therapy plays a role: in fact, mood and colors affect the mood, and that is why it is essential to choose the right colors for the rooms right.

Here are all the tips for choosing the perfect color for the walls of your home.

Notes on the Theory of Colours

Before choosing the color for the walls is important to look at color theory . There are primary colors, secondary and tertiary: primary colors are yellow, blue and red. Mixing the primary colors in equal parts we obtain the secondary colors, orange, green and purple. Finally, the tertiary colors are obtained by mixing the primary colors in different parts and the result sees various shades of secondary colors.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

In the color wheel we can find complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel that), as opposed to creating a great contrast and enhance the respective brightness. Two complementary colors mixed together create a neutral color, gray.

Colors and Their Meaning

According to color therapy, each color has its own meaning and transmits certain emotions, going to affect the mood. Therefore it is important to dwell on what they communicate colors in order to choose the most suitable colors for each room.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House


Red is a color energy and strong and is in fact associated with strength and vitality. The red makes it more open, joyful, full of energy: it is therefore recommended in an environment like the kitchen, but it is important to choose the right color and other colors to go with him for not making the environment too saturated to avoid nervous.

Recommended for: kitchen.


Orange infuses energy and enthusiasm, bring serenity, joy and optimism. Orange is therefore an ideal color for the kitchen or living room, but also the living room or hobby room.

Recommended for: kitchen, living room, hobby room.


Yellow stimulates concentration, attention, memory and helps in the study, also stimulates creativity and imagination. It is a color that lends itself particularly well to study and stay.

Recommended for: kitchen, living room, study.


Green is a color symbolizes balance and harmony. It is a neutral color, relaxing, sedative in all directions. Can be used for the room, but must be chosen carefully because too strong a tint may tire the eyes. Even the bathroom is fine.

Recommended for: bedroom, bathroom.


The color blue is calming and refreshing for excellence: calms the mind, calms, dispels nervousness. For this reason, the shades of blue are perfect for the bedroom, but also for the bathroom.

Recommended for: bedroom, bathroom.


Violet is calming and helps concentration, but at the same time gives strength and energy. This color is particularly suitable for study or hobby room, and you should use it sparingly and with light colors and not too saturated.

Recommended for: studio, hobby room.


Finally, the white symbolizes purity and simplicity and helps clear the mind. The white color is chosen as the standard for most of the walls, but one can opt for different shades of white according to the results to be obtained.

Recommended for: the whole house.

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Walls

Hot or Cold Colors Colors?

Decide first whether you prefer the warm colors or cool colors. Looking at the meaning of colors, you can choose to use cool colors of the places of concentration (such as room and the bathroom) and warm colors for the living areas, kitchen, lounge and living room. The middle shades can be used to study and hobby room, where you will spend time in certain activities.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

If you have the chance and you like the idea so you can paint every room in the house a different color. Otherwise, opt for a clear and very saturated color that can become hot or cold depending on need and is comfortable in every room, an effect of the base color by adding some bits of warm or cold. You can also paint the ceiling a shade slightly darker or lighter, in order to avoid monotony and banality.

Complementary colors or shades Similar?

Even here depends on your personal taste. Love the contrasting colors, or prefer more shades of one color? You can choose to paint the walls of a room with different colors, or have them all the same. Complementary colors are perfect when the tones are very saturated and eyes need to unplug, but also to create harmony and to stimulate the brain.

You can make a play of colors also glancing furnishings: What color will look good with the red kitchen? What is the best color for living room furniture cream?

I switched colors or pastel colors?

Remember that the rich, saturated colors tend to tire the eyes, so it is best to stay on lighter shades and light, so as to rest the eyes.

The bright colors, however, can be used on walls or on isolated portions of the wall, or in poorly used as input. In this case your eyes get tired and can not create unusual combinations and irresistible.

The Choice of Colors in Base of Lighting and the type of Premises

The Lighting of Premises

Do not forget that room illumination does its part. Considerane the quality and quantity before choosing the colors. Let’s first talk of natural light: it is a room with many windows, facing south and often illuminated by the sun? In this case, the cooler colors go well, because the room has a good light source.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

The restaurant is oriented to the north and has few windows? In this case it is best to choose a shade warmer and brighter in light shade, in order to add brightness to the room through this visual trick. The colors change when they are illuminated by natural light or artificial light: before choosing a color, take care to observe it in the sunlight and illuminated by a lamp. Fluorescent lights require a warm tint to be rebalanced, incandescent lights are perfect with cold colors and all colors are permitted in halogen lights.

The size of the Premises

If the room is small and dimly lit has recommended a pastel color and clear. To balance a very large room and light the darker shades are perfect and lit.

A room can be visually enlarged by painting the ceiling a different color than the walls: a very light color for the ceiling will make the room seem larger. If an environment is too wide, the ceiling a darker color will help to resize the room.

The colors of doors and Serrament the

The decor does its part in the choice of colors, but can be replaced while the furniture is essential to pay particular attention to the colors of doors and windows: these, in fact, you can not easily change. Find tones so well adapted to the color of the doors and do not conflict with the fittings.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tint

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

  • Be patient and not rush things.
  • Before you buy gallons of color for the walls, brings home the palette choices and put them on the wall, curtains and carpets accostale to see how they are.
  • Choose a color glossy or matte: gloss color is very bright but highlights the defects of the walls, while the opaque color is easy to apply and mask defects.
  • You think you’ve found the right color? So buy a bucket of color and paint a square of wall then watch the color of a dry day, at night with artificial light, combined with furnishings and try to determine whether it is the right one. This is the best way to avoid painting the entire house with the wrong color.

Painting the Walls Online

Finally, here is a very useful online tool for choosing the right color to paint the house walls. It’s called PaintBrush and is ideal to get an idea of how colors can be on the walls of several rooms of the house.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

Using it is simple: click on Launch Tool and then choose the room to which you want to inspire example (there are many images available). Then you can try a wide variety of colors and choose what inspires you the most for the walls. This program allows you to choose different colors for the walls, ceiling and doors.

Another useful tool to see different combinations of colors for the walls is Paint Your Room in 3D : choosing the main color, you can proceed to paint a virtual room in 3D and then observe the performance of various colors.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint The Walls Of Your House

The interesting thing about this tool is the ability to sit in rooms made of three-dimensional from all angles, simply by changing the view through a click of the mouse while holding down the left button and moving the mouse you can explore the rooms in their entirety and admire the different shades!

If you’re looking for a well-stocked palette of colors you can not miss Color Gallery : Here you will find many colors in various shades, and you can even narrow your search by color family, collections of current trends and colors.

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