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Choosing the Wedding Cake

07.26.2012 · Posted in Decorating Ideas

Choosing the Wedding Cake

Choose it requires some basic points that you have to take into account the time is a total success.

The wedding cake is, like any other part of the wedding, an important tradition. Here are some tips to help put into practice when choosing it.

The Size Of The Wedding Cake:

There are several variants to choose the size of your wedding cake, the most important is the number of guests at your party. From there we can start to calculate how it should be based on the menu, the characteristics of your guests, the type of your event and if you want it distributed to all or a portion you want to take you home. For example: If you have an estimated 250 guests invited 60 of eating cake (it is a fact that not everyone eats). This percentage decreases if your menu was long. At the end everyone is very satisfied with the food and have no room for a slice of cake. We could think of a cake for 100-150 people.

But what if you know your friends and family love the cake and just waiting the time to apply for a share split, then your guests if they eat cake and you need a slightly larger (say 200). Another variable is the style of the wedding. Normally in a very formal wedding cake is smaller and in an informal wedding is larger and easier. These and other variables change with each wedding is very important to analyze it so you do not miss the cake on your wedding day.

Choosing the Wedding Cake

• A Taste Of The Cake:

This is basic, because the cake is not only going to see your guests but also tested. It is horrible to see the tables full of dishes or napkins with the cake after lots were distributed to your guests because they did not like. Request a tasting pastries or wedding hall and never buy without trying the cake unless you recommend it and if you are not expert in cakes acompáñate of that friend, aunt or relative who is.

If your boyfriend is NOT BRING baker! and only bring her a piece of the cake you chose (if anything left over). A tasting is just to try the cake and not to decide the style of it. Also note that the wedding cake the will eat everyone, not just you and your partner so the taste should be appropriate for your guests.

Choosing the Wedding Cake

• The Style Of Cake:

This point may be easier or harder when choosing a cake. Speaking of styles is speaking of taste, fashion, etc.. Only you, with your partner, decidiréis as will your cake (a final count is your wedding). Unless you have a special commitment to someone no one should decide the style of your cake. If you want a second opinion acompáñate of a person who understands your tastes you know, as your partner, your best friend or sister. Later we will see a full article about styles of cakes and how to choose the one that suits you.




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