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The most durable tiles made ​​of natural stone such as marble or granite

06.24.2012 · Posted in Bathroom, Home Interior, Living Room

The most durable tiles made of natural stone such as marble or granite

A person is usually used in these areas in the room where the floor, walls and ceilings are constantly subjected to physical, chemical and thermal influences. Practicality and durability – the inherent characteristics of coating materials so that they can easily withstand the attack of water reactive materials, as well as impact and abrasion.

By definition, endurance – the ability of the material for a long time to perform its technical and aesthetic functions, unless, of course, there will be some conditions for its use. Max meets these requirements tiles that can be ceramic or stone. Among many solid materials, ceramic tiles best withstand exposure to chemicals. Ceramic surface of the water does not accumulate, it will not absorb vapor, odor, combustion products, and less polluted and is particularly easy to care. tiles on the packaging is always a sign to identify the fundamental properties and possible applications . For example, the image of the feet placed on a black background with a package of floor tiles, painting party meets the tile wall. Snowflake shows freezing shady background-foot high endurance and persistent repetition of the same icon indicates high quality materials. The most durable tiles made of natural stone such as marble or granite.

The most durable tiles made of natural stone such as marble or granite

The trick is this: over time the coating wears out, but it looks even better in this case. Of course, the marble walls and floors in the bathroom can not afford everything – natural stone is very expensive finishing materials. For those who do not see anything wrong with the use of simulations has a huge variety of artificial substitutes. Technology of production of artificial marble or granite is very simple. Form an impression of natural stone is filled with cement mixture with the addition of paint and then vibrate “revealed” all the fine details. Today, technology decorative facing so perfect that distinguish real from artificial marble may only professional architect. In synthetics, in addition to price, there are many other advantages: they are significantly lighter than their natural counterparts, are flat and smooth reverse side, which facilitates installation and enables you to use them on virtually any surface. also they do not require special cleaning and coating.

Artificial stones can be used for walls around the house or apartment. But best of all, they look in the living room, kitchen or in the lobby, where they decorate the walls of a combination of stone or brick with stucco. When decorating the walls in natural stone it is important to follow some rules. For example, not coat too thin walls – they will look unnatural. Creating the impression of stone array has failed, not the wall thickness less than 10 cm can not coat the walls of adjacent stones of different textures, in this case will be obvious artifice. In the selection board should not be forgotten that two identical “stone” too close do not look natural, because in nature there is no perfect match. So pre-lining extends over a large area excluding the area of “twins”.