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Tips For Incredible Fun Easter Egg Decorating

10.25.2011 · Posted in Decorating Ideas

Tips  For Incredible Fun Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Egg Decorating – Several years have passed since my younger days to enjoy the holidays and activities and crafts that go along with them, with my parents and brothers and sisters and still enjoy today’s celebration with my own children. Halloween involved black construction paper and orange that has been formed by witches, pumpkins and cats and sealed in the glass. Carving Jack-o-lantern and enjoy the light in the dark sinister was fun.

Christmas wreath is involved popcorn, cooking tree decorating and cookie. My father and my mother made a special hide plastic eggs, about a quarter of dollars, or hidden inside, trying to make sure that every child is “found” one of these prestigious awards. Enthusiasts, however, the memories are like sitting on the kitchen table with plates of different colors to dye and have the opportunity to give my imagination and creativity go to work.

I think back to some of the hard-boiled eggs, which lasted throughout his work and hidden, as someone could eat the egg, after all, so cracked and dented and go unrefrigerated for long. Times have changed, and although many people still color the really hard-boiled eggs, crafts brought us new toys to play in the way of wood or paper mache craft eggs. Eggs are not only color, either. They can be hand-painted, spray painted, sticker, decaled, bound with tape, airbrush, or used to create eggs Crayola crayons melted. Origin of the egg dyes can be made from food coloring, vegetables, fruits, juices, spices and wine.

Eggs can be “sponge” with an attractive mottled appearance. Just take a damp sponge, dab acrylic paint in the color of your choice in the towel, then lightly “touch” of paint in different areas of the egg, which some of the background to show through. The egg may be dead before another color is used at the same time is so natural, or base layer with a wash of acrylic. There are also Blopens eggs, swirling the eggs, peas, egg even stones.

Children can make adorable “egg heads” uniting felt hats, craft eyes, brightness, and the details with permanent marker. A little red paint can be dry brushed on cheeks for a blush effect. Children can egg layer at a party pastel Easter, and use permanent markers for “graffiti” Easter egg with the terms or customize the egg with his name. Tie-dyed eggs is another fun project. Simply place a rubber band around the egg run in different directions, then place the egg in the dye and let sit for a while. Remove the eggs, let dry and remove the rubber bands.

Another trick is to use Crayola crayons to decorate the egg before placing in the dye with swirls, triangles, circles, lines, points, and words. When the egg is dyed, crayons areas resist the dye, allowing the artist’s creative designs to show through. Easter egg decorating is a great activity for children and what better way to spend quality time together. Spread the kitchen into the water and out of craft supplies, if you choose to use real eggs or egg false as wood or papier-mâché versions for decoration.

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