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Top Rated Apartments In Washington DC

10.22.2011 · Posted in Apartments

Park Connecticut

Moving from Washington, DC and finding apartments can be fun and exciting. Often, a young first real job out of college, lands in Washington, DC, paid or an intern or work in a page or a lobbyist. Whatever the reason, many people moving to Washington, DC every year. Whether young or old, many of them would like to live in public housing in the area.

If you are looking for an apartment in Washington, DC look no further than the park in Connecticut. As its name indicates, is located on the northwest side of town on Connecticut Avenue. Because it is one of the most prestigious in the city, you will pay much money to live. Even in a small room, one bathroom apartment will cost about $ 2000 per month! Of course, with the rental price, you can expect to get many good facilities. The most important is that the roof terrace offers stunning views of the park near Rock Creek, a place famous for its hiking and biking. The roof terrace also has a pool and a jacuzzi. This building, part of the fashionable Forest Hills also has a gym and a parking garage, the latter is important in an area where street parking is not easy to find. Another advantage is that this building is a short walk from the metro, public transportation system in Washington, DC.

Dupont Circle Apartments

Another building is the beginning of Dupont Circle apartments. It ‘clear that this large building located in a nice area of ​​Dupont Circle, which is popular with both young and gay and lesbian community. This building is still worth more than the latter, because the studios will pay up to $ 2,400. The building allows pets and has a garage to protect your car during the winter months. It is for the clubhouse, where you can entertain friends, as well as a swimming pool, fitness center and salon. The indoor units are phenomenal features updated everywhere, especially in all the major cuisines.

Loree Grand Place and the Union

For those seeking a place in the NOMA neighborhood (short for North of Massachusetts Avenue) is the best bet on the Grand Union Place Lore. The building is named after the area activist and Lore Murray is one of the most beautiful buildings in this area, if not all DC. It is located near Capitol Hill and the business district and Union Station. This building does go all out in the form of services to its residents. They will take care of your pet with you during the day or if you are out of town, for example. This is the kind of place for people who are used to having others care for them and treat them like they are on top of the world. Any good service at a price, but the rent for this range of building $ 1,995 to $ 4,270! For this reason, you will see many rich and influential movers in and out of this building. Although, of course, there are a lot cheaper body of the city, this is just to give you an idea of ​​what you can expect tenement buildings in Washington.

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